About Us

Welcome to First Source Pet Foods! FSPF (First Source Pet Foods) is a raw pet food distribution company serving Colorado, Utah, Nevada, Northern Arizona and Northern New Mexico with either warehouse pick up or delivery service directly to you. FSPF also ships to any destination west of the Mississippi. Mike and Dena Wnorowski (the founders of FSPF) began this venture with the goal to make raw feeding affordable and convenient to all pet parents by providing the very best quality foods at the best pricing. Dena a CVT since 1993 and a small animal vet clinic practice manager has been working and counseling on small animal nutrition for over 31 years. With her love for all animals and a belief that “we are what we eat”, she firmly believes that all pets should be able to have the opportunity to be fed fresh, wholesome, raw foods at prices that are “easy to stomach”. We have traveled to, visited each production facility and negotiated relationships with Blue Ridge Beef, BJ’s Raw Pet Foods, Albrights Raw Pet Foods and Green Tripe. The incredible product selection from these time tested and nutritionist supported companies provides your raw feeding needs for any dog or cat at every life stage!

First Source Pet Foods Reno (FSPFR) is an authorized dealer of Blue Ridge Beef products in Northern Nevada operated by Mark and Linda Glies. Mark and Linda have been feeding their dogs raw food for over 20 years and have developed a passion for learning about K9 nutrition. Delivery or shipping is not available at this time, but will be available at a future date. Orders can be picked up at our cold storage warehouse located at 2531 Sutro Street in Reno on the date and time specified when you place your order.

There are literally tons of information sites, articles and testimonials from leading animal nutritionist’s and our own customers demonstrating the benefits of raw feeding to pets and it was proven to us in our own pets over 10 years ago. Living “out west” it quickly became apparent that pet stores catered to only well to do customers – our goal has been finding sources and products that are wholesome, convenient and affordable to the average pet owner. We are happy to say that we have succeeded! By ordering and selling in bulk, we can keep pricing low while still providing the best natural raw foods for your pets. We are unique in that we work as a large co-op group, in every market, more than a retail site which saves you significant money by ordering in bulk quantities from trusted sources of raw diets for dogs and cats as well as whole food supplement sources to help you in feeding the most balanced and nutritious meals to your beloved pet(s). FSPF brings (literally) health and nutrition directly to you via convenient delivery routes in four states and warehouse pick-up in others via frozen transport.