Beef for Dogs

Raw Ground Beef for Dogs

5lb Cases are Available as Special Orders when we Order a Pallet.
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Indulge your furry friend with our Premium Quality Raw Beef for Dogs, crafted with meticulous care and top-tier ingredients.

Our raw beef boasts an exceptional nutritional profile, ensuring your dog receives a well-rounded and balanced diet.

  1. Protein-Packed Goodness (Protein min - 20.11%): Support your dog's muscle development and maintenance, promoting a robust and active lifestyle.
  2. Healthy Fat Content (Fat min - 3.23%): Provide a source of essential fatty acids, contributing to a shiny coat and overall skin health.
  3. Digestive Wellness (Fiber max - 0.71%): Maintain a healthy digestive system, promoting optimal nutrient absorption and regular bowel movements.
  4. Essential Minerals (Calcium - 6.61 mg/100g, Phosphorus - 155 mg/100g): Support strong bones and teeth, vital for your dog's overall well-being.
  5. Hydration Support (Moisture max - 75.33%): Keep your dog well-hydrated, particularly beneficial for their kidney health.
  6. Low Ash Content (Ash - 1.33%): Ensure a cleaner and healthier diet, minimizing unnecessary mineral residues.

With a calorie content of 990 kcal/kg, our raw beef provides the energy your dog needs for daily activities and play.

By choosing our Premium Quality Raw Beef for Dogs, you're not just feeding your canine companion; you're nourishing their vitality, ensuring they thrive with every delicious bite. Opt for the best, because your dog deserves it.