Beef with Bone (Dogs)

Raw Ground Beef with Bone

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Nutrient-Rich Beef with Bone for Dogs

Wholesome Ground Blend with Bone, Minus Organ Meats

Superior Canine Nutrition for Holistic Well-being

Introducing our Nutrient-Rich Beef with Bone for Dogs, a specially crafted blend of ground beef and bone—excluding organ meats—formulated for optimal canine nutrition.

Our unique blend combines the goodness of ground beef and bone, omitting organ meats to cater to discerning pet palates.

  1. Protein Powerhouse (Protein min - 19.63%): Fuel your dog's energy levels and support muscle development with a protein-rich diet.
  2. Healthy Fat Infusion (Fat min - 10.16%): Ensure a balanced source of essential fatty acids, promoting skin health and a lustrous coat.
  3. Digestive Harmony (Fiber max - 0.72%): Facilitate a healthy digestive process, aiding in nutrient absorption and maintaining regular bowel movements.
  4. Low Ash Content (Ash - 1.47%): Provide a cleaner, purer diet, minimizing mineral residues for overall well-being.
  5. Hydration Boost (Moisture max - 63.02%): Support your dog's hydration needs for optimal kidney function and overall health.
  6. Bone-Building Minerals (Calcium - 2820.5 mg/100g, Phosphorus - 2430 mg/100g): Contribute to strong bones and teeth, promoting structural integrity.

With a calorie content of 2052 kcal/kg, our Beef with Bone offers the energy your dog requires for an active and vibrant life.

Choose our Nutrient-Rich Beef with Bone for Dogs to provide your canine companion with a comprehensive and satisfying diet, ensuring they thrive with every bite. Prioritize their well-being with a blend that's thoughtfully tailored for their nutritional needs.